EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY and in place for all upcoming pantry distribution days: 

  • The OAFP is moving to pre-packaged food and curbside pick-up for our guests. Our food pantry typically provides guests choices when picking up food. This will no longer be possible with curbside pick-up. 
  • It is not possible to provide you choices in the food you receive at this time. All packages are pre-packed. If there is something you will not use, please share with other families.
  • Pre-boxed and bagged groceries will be loaded into your vehicle by an OAFP volunteer, and your identification will be returned. Please make sure your vehicle trunk, seats and floor are empty so groceries may be loaded, and social distancing can be observed.
  • The food provided by OAFP is as safe as what you will find at a grocery. Like there, wash or cook all fresh produce before use. Also wipe off cans before handling.

There are no restrooms available at OAFP during this time and wait times may be longer than usual.

We anticipate high volume and ask for patience. We are practicing social distancing, and limiting the number of people in the building (only volunteers until further notice). Pantry guests will be instructed to remain in line in their cars until they reach the front of the line, and we will register the guests without having them in the building. 


  • Every week on Tuesday from 9 - 11 am (hours are strict, we do not open early or stay open late)
  • Every SECOND and LAST Thursday from 4 pm to 7 pm (hours are strict, we do not open early or stay open late)

Please follow instructions from signs and from our volunteers.

  • We ask that guests follow the signs and park accordingly.  
  • Bring your ID - have it ready.
  • Do not get out of your car. We will come to you.
  • Do not bring your own bags. We cannot use them at this time.
  • Please shut off your car while waiting #SaveThePlanet
  • Be patient; the process has been working smoothly as long as all guests follow the instructions and the signs. 

Please help us spread the word to folks you know use or may need our services. We are doing our best to remain open during this time

COVID-19 Update as of 3.15.2020


Many thanks for the folks reaching out to OAFP to see how you can help. Here are 3 things you can do right now:

1. Donate money to the Friends of Oregon School District (for those parents in the District you saw an email from Dr. Busler, for those that are not, here is a snippet from it that is helpful to explain why we ask you to donate to FOSD as of Sunday March 15th:

  • Food bags from Friends of Oregon School District (FOSD) intended for Spring Break are being prepared today. The distribution plan to families who receive these bags will be finalized in the next 24 hours.
  • Oregon School District (OSD) is working on a plan to offer breakfast/lunch for any student who would like access to meals. We are working on the details and will share this plan Monday.
  • Community members interested in helping can make a monetary donation to FOSD, which will funnel the funds to OSD to help pay for this expanded food service program.  

2. Donate to the Food Pantry. Food drives are great - but volunteers must sort and handle each item donated. We can do more with money and it's easier for us to process bulk purchases of essential supplies. You can contribute to our cause by clicking this link here.

3. Volunteer. We don’t know what our needs are and they may change daily. Our volunteer list could use your name on it as well, if you are willing. Sign up to be on our Volunteer List at


A reminder to households using the Oregon Area Food Pantry: Our goal is to continue operations and keep existing pantry shopping schedule. This is uncharted territory. Our management committee continues to talk with community leaders to see how we can support the ongoing efforts already being done.

Here are few updates:

  1. Please don't come to the pantry if you are sick. Ask a healthy neighbor (not another member of your household) to shop on your behalf and send a note with them.
  2. Leave the kids at home. Send only one adult member of the household to shop.
  3. Expect longer than usual wait times.
  4. Arrive 45 minutes before our scheduled close time - incoming door will be locked at that time so that we can get through the queue.
  5. If we are closed and you are having a food emergency, call 2-1-1